If a GRC Blog Gets Posted in the Woods, Does It Make a Sound?


The Internet is awash with blogs. Will anyone listen to a new one dedicated to GRC?

Hello world! We wanted to let you know that the OrangePoint blog will launch in just a few short weeks. . .

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m not expecting anyone to lose sleep anticipating the launch of yet another blog. If I were to read this teaser post, I would likely roll my eyes and think, “Just what the world needs, another faceless, vanilla blog adding to the terabytes of disorder cluttering cyberspace.” (I’m betting your reaction isn’t much different.) Compounding the realization that the vast majority of blogs are seldom if ever read is the fact that the underlying concepts of our industry – Governance, Risk and Compliance – often elicit a blank, dull look when explained to a novice. So that leaves us facing the following question as we prepare for our blog launch:

Is it possible to make Governance, Risk and Compliance an interesting topic?

At OrangePoint, that answer is a resounding “YES.” We believe that when a topic is approached with knowledge, relevance and passion, it can be remarkable and meaningful. Provide the reader with a valuable nugget of truth, expressed in a clever or original way, and you’ve added to the rich music of the web rather than the constant hum of white noise. With ample zest and flavor in our writing, we believe we can offer something fresh and interesting to the marketplace. Time will tell whether we can build a lasting readership, but here on the launch pad we’re filled with optimism.

Check back soon as we count down to our October launch of the OrangePoint blog!

–Jonathan Kitchin, OrangePoint

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