The NeverEnding Story of GRC

Welcome to the blog!

Speaking for the overall OrangePoint team, we are excited to join the ongoing, and seemingly never ending, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) conversation. While the term GRC wasn’t coined until this century, the concepts and essence of the idea have been around for a long time. Acronyms come and go, marketing buzz words rise and fall, but the “capability to reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity” (OCEG) is an idea that will persevere.

Getting Beyond the Ivory Tower
The web already includes a variety of excellent blogs on the subject that many you may be familiar with. There are many practitioners who are at the leading edge of GRC theory and are actively exploring its possibilities. These experts discuss the potential impact of the latest regulations, plot how the industry is evolving and speak to new methods that have the potential to reshape GRC programs for years to come. So what can you expect the OrangePoint team to contribute that’s not just a repackaging of existing concepts?


Are you waiting for a Luck Dragon to rescue you from the seemingly dense prose and pitfalls of your GRC program?

The OrangePoint team works in the implementation trenches of GRC. The question we’re typically faced with is not whether something “can” be done, but if it “should” be done – based on the provided budget, timetable and goals of the organization utilizing our services. This blog aims to communicate concise, relevant insights and guidance that can be consumed and used by a wide audience across the GRC space. So what does this mean?

  • If you are a seasoned veteran looking for a new metaphor, angle or perspective to communicate the value of GRC to your organization, this blog wants to offer you a new viewpoint for making your case.
  • If you are looking for a place where you can invest five minutes a few times a month to sharpen your GRC toolset and refresh your industry knowledge, bookmark this page and subscribe to our updates.
  • If you are brand new to GRC, this blog seeks to pull back the dense forest of terminology and discuss GRC in a user-friendly way.

If we do nothing else, the OrangePoint blog desires to make GRC interesting and accessible to a wide audience. We don’t want to replace anything within the existing conversation. We want to augment and extend this discussion in a way that ties back the core tenants of GRC with vignettes and examples that speak to professionals across a variety of disciplines.

Providing Insights from a Variety of Oracles
We’ve assembled a solid team of GRC practitioners that are looking forward to sharing their insights with you. Each author brings a different perspective and take on these issues, and each contributor also draws from a wealth of random, thought-provoking knowledge that will hopefully broaden your appreciation for things both inside and outside the GRC domain, and hopefully give you reason to smile along the way.

Whatever name you want to give GRC, it’s a story that every business owner and employee is actively a part of. Will this blog end up being devoured by The Nothing that trolls the internet looking for vapid, empty content so it can suck this blog into oblivion and obscurity? We hope not. We’ll do our best to provide value, wit and insight with each post. As long as there is someone willing to believe (and by believe, we mean read, comment and click “like”) we promise to continue adding to the conversation.

–Chris Pantaenius, Principal and Founder

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