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You Get What You Pay For

Home ownership has long been viewed as an iconic American ideal, right up there with mom, apple pie and baseball. A little over six years ago, we bought our home here in Kansas City. It’s a bungalow (89 years young this year) with all of the nooks, crannies, quirks, flaws and endearing qualities that you would expect from a house of its age and style, and for that we love it dearly. As those of us who own (i.e. leverage) our homes know, while it’s a labor of love, there are moments where it feels like more labor than love. Take our kitchen for example. When we bought this house, we described our kitchen as “adequate and serviceable.” Nearing seven-year itch territory, we decided to give our kitchen some TLC, and we chose to begin with an appliance facelift. We started by replacing the microwave and range/oven – it’s amazing what upgrading from 1982 white and brown to stainless steel can do for your psyche! Continue reading

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Strategies for Using On-Screen Help to Enhance Your GRC Data

One of the risks you may or may not be tracking within your GRC program is the data quality within your online Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tool. The reports and metrics within your GRC system hinge on the data provided by your end users. Mediocre, or worse, inaccurate data can have far reaching impacts across the enterprise. If you prioritize tasks and make risk and compliance decisions based off the data within your tool, you need to have plans and strategies in place for vetting and reviewing that data. Continue reading

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Oh the Places You’ll Go with GRC

Last time I checked, if you survey a group of students the phrase “GRC Professional” will NOT be on the list of careers kids dream of. In classrooms across world, kids see pictures of doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and even chefs partnered with the phrase “what do you want to be when you grow up?” (It probably helps that these jobs have colorful costumes and hats.) These posters are meant to be benign inspirations for kids to start uncovering their passions, but they also shape our worldview for what an exciting and fulfilling profession is. Continue reading

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Be Wary of Over-Automating GRC

“Convenience” drives so much of the innovation in the consumer market, often removing nearly all of the human interaction (or thought process) required to do a task. For example, consider everyone’s favorite robotic vacuum, the “Roomba.” For those unfamiliar, a Roomba is a dinner plate-sized robot that you set on your floor and power on. Once activated, it systematically patrols your floors, vacuuming up any dirt and/or dust bunnies it comes across; no human intervention necessary. Another example would be espresso machines – a vital piece of equipment in any coffee house. While this technological marvel allows us to procure our lattes and caramel macchiatos at near breakneck speed with the push of a few buttons, if the machine broke, would the barista know how to prepare an espresso manually (gasp!)? Continue reading

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