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March Madness: Picking Your GRC Priorities

The productivity drop you felt last week can only mean that March Madness is upon us. For Americans, the last half of March means we all become sports analysts – predicting the outcome of college basketball games for teams from Spokane, Washington to Fort Meyers, Florida. Each year, my coworkers, family members and even my neighbor’s children fill out their brackets to see who can make the most accurate picks across the 63 games of the NCAA basketball tournament. (I’ve never been a fan of counting those “play-in” games). Continue reading

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What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

This week marks the anniversary of the birth, and death, of a true American original, Major General George Owen Squier (March 21, 1865 – March 24, 1934). Besides his distinguished service record, Squier was a scholar, holding a Ph.D. from John Hopkins and being an elected member of the National Academy of Science. He was also an accomplished inventor, having discovered a way for the telephone to send multiple messages across a single line (multiplexing). However, the general’s most recognized achievement is one designed to not be recognized at all. Whether you’re shopping, having your teeth drilled or riding in an elevator you’ve likely been exposed to (don’t worry, it’s not contagious) Muzak – a term the general coined himself. Continue reading

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When KC Freezes Over: Don’t Delay Your Business Continuity Planning

For the first time since I moved here in 2003, I’ve seen snowfall in the Kansas City area that rivals that of my hometown in Minnesota. February 2013’s 20.5 inches of snow ranks as the 7th snowiest month over the past 125 years across the KC metro area. While my friends back home may roll their eyes at this total, 20 inches of snow over two weeks was more than enough to impact a variety of activities across the region. However, throughout this weather, I’ve been intrigued at how our daily work activities and overall productivity has remained constant during the snowy conditions. Through planning for these types of scenarios and having the right technology in place, our jobs – and our business – did not come to a screeching halt. Continue reading

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Continuous Improvement and GRC

If you’re one of our blog’s frequent readers, hopefully you’ve come to appreciate our use of non-business illustrations to bring some clarity to the GRC world. Too often, we (as business professionals) unnecessarily complicate things with thick jargon and code words, when a simpler description would get the job done. At OrangePoint, we are big, scratch that, huge fans of using metaphors to explain the best practices regarding the architecture and development of a GRC program: Charlie Brown, Dr. Seuss, Bigfoot, and most recently, home plumbing repair. I’ll admit that I’m capable of dropping more than a few industry buzz words without even breaking a sweat, but I’m constantly working on simplifying and refining the concepts I want to convey. While I’m not sure I’ll ever arrive at a point where everything I say is instantly understood by everyone in the room, my goal is to make steady constant improvement. As the “hook” for this blog, allow me to use a few golf parallels to describe the need for continuous improvement in GRC. Continue reading

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