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Be Wary of Over-Automating GRC

“Convenience” drives so much of the innovation in the consumer market, often removing nearly all of the human interaction (or thought process) required to do a task. For example, consider everyone’s favorite robotic vacuum, the “Roomba.” For those unfamiliar, a Roomba is a dinner plate-sized robot that you set on your floor and power on. Once activated, it systematically patrols your floors, vacuuming up any dirt and/or dust bunnies it comes across; no human intervention necessary. Another example would be espresso machines – a vital piece of equipment in any coffee house. While this technological marvel allows us to procure our lattes and caramel macchiatos at near breakneck speed with the push of a few buttons, if the machine broke, would the barista know how to prepare an espresso manually (gasp!)? Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

Whenever I think of Groundhog Day, can’t help but think of the feature film of the same title, starring one of my favorite actors, Bill Murray. Murray plays Phil Connors, a surly, pompous Pittsburgh weatherman who can’t hide his irritation at being forced to cover the Groundhog Day celebrations in Punxsutawney year after year. After he does his obligatory newscast, he finds himself stuck in the town, living the same day over and over and over again until it nearly drives him mad. He comes to the realization that what he’s doing just isn’t working, that there has to be a better way to live his life. Watching Phil find new, creative and sometimes desperate ways to either break the cycle or live his new reality are at times both hilarious and heartbreaking. By the end, you’ll likely find yourself rooting for Phil to complete his transformation, break the repetitive cycle and wake up to February 3. Continue reading

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The Other ‘C’ of GRC: Cooperation

Recently I had the privilege of participating in something very rare: a GRC project kickoff meeting that involved both the CEO and the COO. While the organization was admittedly a smaller company than those I’ve dealt with in the past, the sheer presence of the company’s key decision makers spoke volumes about the team’s resolve to implement a scalable GRC program. The mood in the room was clear: all areas of the organization were ready to come together and build a plan that was best for all parties, whether it be IT, Risk or Compliance. It was said multiple times: “We want to follow the best practices so we all can be successful.” Small or not, this organization had already accomplished the often overlooked, but vastly important other “C” of GRC – cooperation. Continue reading

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3 Tips for Better System-Generated Emails

There are blogs and even books solely devoted to helping me manage the deluge of incoming messages that causes my inbox to swell beyond comprehension. However, whether you’re a “touch it once” disciple, a “batch processor,” or something equally profound (such as the Pomodoro technique) these approaches only address the in-bound side of email. If you’re a GRC system administrator or a GRC process owner, you may be one of the culprits of this email overload. Continue reading

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Getting Our House in Order, for the Holidays

Just like the opening scene from the holiday classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, our six-person family recently set out to find our family Christmas tree. As we were driving to the tree farm, we could actually feel the sense of excitement coming from the back seats of mini-van. The kids were bouncing around, barely contained by their seat belts, volume was high (as usual) and, amazingly, everyone was getting along. Continue reading

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Good Grief: Dealing with 5 Personalities You Meet in GRC

It can’t be Halloween without referencing one of the all-time classics: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. In homage to Charles Schultz, we thought we’d use the Peanuts gang to help shape a conversation about the individuals you may run across as part of your GRC journey. Our careers are peppered by a variety of colorful – and recurring – characters. See how many of the following people from the following list that you’ve encountered. Continue reading

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Sasquatch, Unicorns and Fully Integrated GRC: Moving from Myth to Reality

If I showed you a picture of a Sasquatch or a Unicorn, chances are you would be able to identify them almost immediately. That is to say that nearly everyone knows exactly what they are even though they haven’t been proven to exist. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to discuss my hair-brained theories on Bigfoot and Unicorns. . . I’ll save that for another blog post. Continue reading

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