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Office Space and the GRC Space

Most of us firmly entrenched in office/cubicle/workspace environments are familiar with the movie Office Space. For those that aren’t familiar with the plot, the film provides insights into the mundane life of a software engineering company, covering all the standard office clichés: the demanding boss with annoying catchphrases, cubicles, “efficiency experts” mass layoffs, printers that never do what you want them to do, themed parties (Hawaiian shirt day!), etc. Though bombing at the box office in the late 1990s, it’s now achieved cult status with its satiric take on office culture. Continue reading

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Continuous Improvement and GRC

If you’re one of our blog’s frequent readers, hopefully you’ve come to appreciate our use of non-business illustrations to bring some clarity to the GRC world. Too often, we (as business professionals) unnecessarily complicate things with thick jargon and code words, when a simpler description would get the job done. At OrangePoint, we are big, scratch that, huge fans of using metaphors to explain the best practices regarding the architecture and development of a GRC program: Charlie Brown, Dr. Seuss, Bigfoot, and most recently, home plumbing repair. I’ll admit that I’m capable of dropping more than a few industry buzz words without even breaking a sweat, but I’m constantly working on simplifying and refining the concepts I want to convey. While I’m not sure I’ll ever arrive at a point where everything I say is instantly understood by everyone in the room, my goal is to make steady constant improvement. As the “hook” for this blog, allow me to use a few golf parallels to describe the need for continuous improvement in GRC. Continue reading

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Be Wary of Over-Automating GRC

“Convenience” drives so much of the innovation in the consumer market, often removing nearly all of the human interaction (or thought process) required to do a task. For example, consider everyone’s favorite robotic vacuum, the “Roomba.” For those unfamiliar, a Roomba is a dinner plate-sized robot that you set on your floor and power on. Once activated, it systematically patrols your floors, vacuuming up any dirt and/or dust bunnies it comes across; no human intervention necessary. Another example would be espresso machines – a vital piece of equipment in any coffee house. While this technological marvel allows us to procure our lattes and caramel macchiatos at near breakneck speed with the push of a few buttons, if the machine broke, would the barista know how to prepare an espresso manually (gasp!)? Continue reading

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Decision 2012: GRC Design, Part 2

In my previous post, I described the need to understand the audiences using your GRC technology. While much attention gets focused on key management stakeholders, too often we forget to view our GRC systems from an end user’s perspective. A poorly automated process leads to a disenchanted end user and can potentially jeopardize the quality of your GRC metrics. This week I’m concluding my discussion, as promised, on GRC technology design by offering some specific design tips and approaches for the GRC professional. (Seeing that we’re just a week past election day I’m not about to break any campaign promises!) As you finish out your 2012 initiatives and scope your plans for the upcoming year, take a moment to review the following four tips. Continue reading

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Decision 2012: GRC Design, Part 1

We’ve reached the end (finally) of the US election season, and – speaking for the entire OrangePoint team – I hope all our American friends exercised their right to vote. After months of attack advertisements, stacks of campaign mail and door-to-door volunteers, I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal. Continue reading

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Sasquatch, Unicorns and Fully Integrated GRC: Moving from Myth to Reality

If I showed you a picture of a Sasquatch or a Unicorn, chances are you would be able to identify them almost immediately. That is to say that nearly everyone knows exactly what they are even though they haven’t been proven to exist. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to discuss my hair-brained theories on Bigfoot and Unicorns. . . I’ll save that for another blog post. Continue reading

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