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Our Favorite Articles of 2012

Warm holiday greetings from the OrangePoint blog team! Like many people this time of year, we can’t help but look back at 2012 with our 20/20 hindsight and try to make sense of the year that has passed us by. We also have noticed that many of the reflections on the the past year are presented as a list (for example, the best of our hometown of Kansas City). This makes sense to us given that these lists present information a clear, easily consumable set of facts, figures and tidbits, increasing the “stickiness” factor of the information presented. On that note, we at OrangePoint have compiled our favorite articles from 2012 – some GRC related, some extending beyond those boundaries, all worth a quick read in our humble opinion. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Do a Thousand Words Make a Great Picture? Using Word Clouds to Analyze Text

Even if today’s headline is the first time you’ve heard the term “word cloud,” you’ve likely seen them floating around the web. Online tools create word clouds by taking text and converting the words into an image where a word’s size is based on a word’s repetition. Besides being eye candy, these images can offer professionals the ability to quickly analyze their content and identify areas of emphasis. Why does this matter and why should you care? Take a moment and read on to discover how you can improve your GRC writing by using a word cloud. Continue reading

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Good Grief: Dealing with 5 Personalities You Meet in GRC

It can’t be Halloween without referencing one of the all-time classics: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. In homage to Charles Schultz, we thought we’d use the Peanuts gang to help shape a conversation about the individuals you may run across as part of your GRC journey. Our careers are peppered by a variety of colorful – and recurring – characters. See how many of the following people from the following list that you’ve encountered. Continue reading

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67% of GRC Statistics Are Made Up Just for Blogs

A French knight, an Italian math guy and a pair of dice ride into a casino. . .well, maybe that’s not exactly how the story of probability begins, but if I’m going to get you to read something other than the picture caption, I’ve got to grab your attention.

What are the odds your GRC metrics will hold up under scrutiny?
No matter where you work, you’ve likely sat through a meeting that included a statement like, “What gets measured gets done.” This statement is inevitably followed by some new thing to measure that will no doubt allow your team to “exceed stakeholder expectations” or some other amorphous goal – you’ll probably even get to hear the tale of “Company X” and how when they did the same thing it “revolutionized their business.”

It’s easy to fall in love with numeric measurements; they cut through the buzz words and provide something concrete. We put a lot of trust in numbers. However, are our numbers built on assumptions or facts? Continue reading

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If a GRC Blog Gets Posted in the Woods, Does It Make a Sound?

Hello world! We wanted to let you know that the OrangePoint blog will launch in just a few short weeks. . .

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m not expecting anyone to lose sleep anticipating the launch of yet another blog. If I were to read this teaser post, I would likely roll my eyes and think, “Just what the world needs, another faceless, vanilla blog adding to the terabytes of disorder cluttering cyberspace.”
Continue reading

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